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Gold panning is the process of extracting gold particles from loose sediment or ore using a pan or other similar device. It's a method of placer mining, which is mining that extracts minerals from deposits of sand, gravel, and other materials that naturally accumulate in riverbeds and other bodies of water. Here's a step-by-step guide to gold panning:

Find a Suitable Location: Look for areas known to have gold deposits. These may be near rivers, streams, or other water sources where gold is likely to have been washed downstream and accumulated.

Get the Right Gear: You'll need a gold pan, a classifier (a mesh screen used to filter out large rocks and debris), and other equipment like a shovel, a pair of tweezers or a snuffer bottle to pick up small gold flakes or nuggets, and a magnet to separate magnetic black sands from gold.

Prepare the Gold Pan: Before you start, it's a good idea to season your gold pan. This involves washing it thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris, then coating it with a thin layer of oil or grease and heating it over a flame. This helps prevent gold from sticking to the pan.

Fill the Pan with Material: Fill the pan about half to two-thirds full with sediment or ore containing gold particles. You can scoop material directly from the riverbed or use a shovel to dig up material from the ground.

Submerge the Pan in Water: Hold the pan underwater and shake it side to side to let the water wash over the material. This helps separate the lighter sediment from the heavier gold particles.

Swirl the Pan: Gently rotate the pan in a circular motion while holding it level. The water will carry away the lighter material, leaving the gold at the bottom of the pan.

Tilt and Rinse: Tilt the pan slightly and gently swirl it, allowing the water to carry away more of the lighter material. Repeat this process until you're left with only the heaviest material, including any gold particles.

Inspect and Collect: Use the tweezers or snuffer bottle to pick up any visible gold flakes or nuggets. You can also use a magnet to pick up any magnetic black sands that may contain gold particles.

Repeat: If you're working with a large amount of material, you can repeat the process with a new pan of material. This allows you to concentrate the gold particles and make it easier to collect them.

Gold panning is a fun and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
It's also an effective way to find small amounts of gold and experience the thrill of discovering the precious metal in its natural state.

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